Published by Camilla on 19 Mar 2013 – the Social Network for Sustainability –
Surpasses 75,000 Members is celebrating an important milestone as it sees its community surpassing 75,000 members. This niche social network, which can be likened to a sort of green LinkedIn, has become a place for kinship-building among 10s of 1,000s of activists, social change organizations, and not-for-profits working on some of the planet’s most pressing issues. Members […]

Published by Antoinette Siu on 28 Feb 2012

Help Create a Student Sustainability and Climate Science Reading Network

new earth archive logo

Wiser Member Tony Sorgi introduces a project developed by undergraduate students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The New Earth Archive is a resource network that seeks to identify the most inspiring books on climate change, sustainability, and social change, as well as revelations in understanding human nature. › Continue reading…

Published by Working Wikily on 23 Nov 2009

MomsRising: What We Can Learn from New Online Models

Moms Rising

As part of our ongoing research project into the future of membership-based advocacy organizations, we’ve been talking to folks from “new” as well as “older” groups focused on issue-organizing. We’re hoping to find out how the nature of civic engagement and mobilization is changing – along with the business models needed to support this kind of work. › Continue reading…

Published by Angus on 14 Sep 2009

Clay Shirky on Membership Non-profits

Clay Shirky says the world has moved on from the old model where non-profit called you a member, you gave them money, and they gave you a newsletter. This was a one way communication approach, with the organization at the center like a star, broadcasting light to its members. Now smart nonprofits are moving to convene small groups of members interested in specific issues thereby fostering lateral links that function independent of their organization. › Continue reading…