Published by JaneLee on 17 Sep 2013

I Have a Dream for Peace Day 2013

One of the questions we’re asking for Peace Day is: “What role can sustainability play in creating peace?” member Steve Kaye shares his dreams for creating peace through sustainability and tells us how he is taking action to turn these dreams into reality. This article was originally published on Steve’s blog, where you can find […]

Published by JaneLee on 23 May 2013

This Week’s Woman: Megan Lamson of Hawai’i Wildlife Fund

Photo credit: Dr. Mark Kimura With International Day for Biodiversity yesterday and World Environment Day coming up on June 5th, it’s fitting that this week’s featured woman is a passionate advocate for animals and the environment. Megan Lamson is a marine biologist and conservationist who works with Hawai‘i Wildlife Fund to coordinate coastal marine debris […]

Published by Suzanne York on 16 May 2013

Reviving Rivers: A Sign of Hope for the Colorado

By Suzanne York ( With over 7 billion people on the planet, demand for water for household, agricultural, and industrial use is increasing even faster than population growth. Many areas, such as the southwestern US and northern Mexico, are already experiencing competing demands on water in a region heavily reliant on this most precious of natural […]

Published by Suzanne York on 19 Feb 2013

Nepal Spotlight – Women’s Empowerment & Rights of Nature

By Suzanne York. Original article posted at Women’s Empowerment Empowering women and girls is a big factor in protecting the environment. A woman’s right to decide when and whether to have a child, and her access to reproductive care, are key components of a healthy and sustainable society. Women are on the front lines […]

Published by The Nature Conservancy on 05 Sep 2012

Water Log(ged)


Water is the source of all life, and the natural resource is in danger. Learn more about the urgent call to action and see what’s being done. The Nature Conservancy talks about the measures they’re taking. › Continue reading…

Published by Peggy on 25 Apr 2012

Preserving the San Francisco Bay Wetlands

Image courtesy of Andy Arthur (CC).

What does crowdfunding for the wetlands look like? In 2007 alone, humans used the equivalent of 1.5 planets to support their activities. Read this interview with Dr. Arnas Palaima to learn about why the wetlands need to be protected. › Continue reading…