Published by Antoinette Siu on 16 Apr 2012

Where is Wiser Headed?


Camilla Burg, our communications and outreach director at, talks about the five year-old sustainability network in this interview with Down to Earth. › Continue reading…

Published by Angus on 14 Sep 2009

Clay Shirky on Membership Non-profits

Clay Shirky says the world has moved on from the old model where non-profit called you a member, you gave them money, and they gave you a newsletter. This was a one way communication approach, with the organization at the center like a star, broadcasting light to its members. Now smart nonprofits are moving to convene small groups of members interested in specific issues thereby fostering lateral links that function independent of their organization. › Continue reading…

Published by Angus on 08 Apr 2009

8 Steps to Recruiting the Right Members


The people who make up the initial membership of a community set the tone for its future growth through their common interests and values, and how much they contribute to and promote your community. Be deliberate about recruiting your membership even before you start your online community. Here are some tips to get you the right membership. › Continue reading…