Published by Antoinette Siu on 03 May 2012

A Crucial, Simple Action


On 5/5/12, is organizing a global Climate Impacts Day to focus our attention on connecting the dots between climate and weather. Find out more in Founder Bill McKibben’s call to action here. › Continue reading…

Published by Antoinette Siu on 21 Mar 2012

Wiser Acts of Green


“ is happy to announce a new partnership with the Earth Day Network. We are working with our members to make the largest impact possible. Find out more in this official press release. › Continue reading…

Published by StuFram on 08 Aug 2011

Going Backwards to go Forwards: Getting back to our community roots

After working on expanding the scope of WiserLocal gatherings for about two and a half months now, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the idea of going “local.” In this entry I explore that revelation and find that the notion of simplification is often more complex than you’d expect. › Continue reading…