Published by Antoinette Siu on 29 Nov 2012

Editor Focus: Mainsah Gilbert

This month, we’re featuring editor Mainsah Gilbert. He is a photographer, video producer and webmaster working for Magisha Vision specializing in the production of video and picture documentations. He is also the technical director of NORSR an association of researchers in community development, youth and women empowerment has been working in different fields to promote community development especially through […]

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Published by Antoinette Siu on 27 Nov 2012

What We Did on the International Day of Tolerance

by Maria Arguelles I was so inspired by the Peace by Peace Events Challenge that I sought to discuss, experience and celebrate more peace related events with my class. As I was planning my circle topic in October, I noticed that on the 24th it is United Nations Day. I thought that this would make […]

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Published by Alex Romanak on 26 Nov 2012

Why I Support David Fox, WiserEarth Board Member

We spoke with David Fox, a member and Board Member hailing from Australia, about why he believes‘s work to be so important.  As we kick off our year-end fundraising campaign and ask for your help in maintaining the only ad-free global sustainability network, we wanted to hear why other members lend their support.  Alex, from the campaign team, […]

Published by Camilla on 21 Nov 2012

Creating Space for Collaboration in India and Beyond!

How do we support conscious collaboration in our community? What are the measures of success for gatherings focused on social and environmental change? What is the role of an editor? What stories are inspiring us to keep doing the work we’re doing? These were just some of the questions asked by staff, editors and […]

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Published by Antoinette Siu on 20 Nov 2012

Ecova’s ASEMAP Study Takes a Look at the Future of Lighting

by Danielle Stewart Ecova, an energy and sustainability management company, recently released the findings from ASEMAP (Adaptive Self-Explicated Multi-Attribute Preference), surveys filled out by utility customers. The ASEMAP surveys questioned customers on what features and qualities they look for when purchasing light bulbs. Key Findings Customers are still choosing incandescent and CFL bulbs far more […]

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Published by Antoinette Siu on 16 Nov 2012

Thank You for Inspiring Peace

We wanted to share our deepest gratitude to everyone for sharing your inspiration and your peace-creating energy around Peace over the past few months. 62 members from 18 different countries helped share their voices in discussions on on the Peace Day group (including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, China, Chile, France, Indonesia, India, Italy, Kenya, […]

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Published by Camilla on 15 Nov 2012

Finding Authenticity and Collaboration: From Senegal to French Guiana

by Doudou Sy Thank you to Eve Sajous for the English translation! Raphaelle Eva is the founder of “La Coopéractive“, an association for the promotion of organic and naturally colored cotton which she created after deciding to sell organic cotton t-shirts at the end of her concerts. Thanks to a connection made through she […]

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Published by Suzanne York on 13 Nov 2012

Words Never Heard from Obama or Romney: “Let’s Rethink Economic Growth”

by Suzanne York Original article posted at Six Degrees of Population. In the debates and discussions leading up to the 2012 presidential election, there was not a hint that either political party was willing to question and reassess our dependence on endless economic growth in a world of finite resources. That is anathema to our […]

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