Published by Camilla on 09 Apr 2013

Dr. Dave Adams,’s 75,000th Member,
Inspiring Change in the World recently celebrated its 75,000th member Dr. Dave Adams (PhD), founder of GoodWork Academy, based in Oxfordshire in the UK. After many years in the development field, Dave believes it is critical to “inspire ourselves to create the change that we want to see in the world.” He also believes that a focused network like […]

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Published by Suzanne York on 04 Apr 2013

Empowering Communities in Ethiopia

By Suzanne York, There is nothing like going out into the field and seeing first-hand what is happening on the ground to validate your work and experience. That’s when you learn how projects, ideas, and initiatives can really work (or in some cases, not work). Here in Ethiopia, after the recent conference of the […]

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Published by JaneLee on 02 Apr 2013

Get Ready to Meet Wiser’s Women of the Week!

It was a whirlwind of activity for’s Women Empowered group during the weeks leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th. Women and men of all ages from over 25 different countries participated in discussions, sharing their thoughts on the importance of women’s empowerment, favorite quotes by women they admire, and much more. […]

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Published by JaneLee on 28 Mar 2013

Introducing Emma De Masi,’s New Community Manager

  Meet Emma De Masi,’s new Community Manager! Originally from Italy, Emma has worked in Europe and Brazil, and she comes to with a wealth of experience in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds. She sat down with us for an interview about her most recent experience working in the Rocinha favela of […]

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Published by JaneLee on 22 Mar 2013

Water as a Lens for Human Experience

In honor of World Water Day, Editor and water expert Frank Patton shares his reflections about the crucial role water continues to play in societies around the world. By Frank Patton It’s a cliché but true: Water touches everything and everyone. Photo credit: Allan Foster To elaborate on that simple idea is to delve […]

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Published by JaneLee on 21 Mar 2013

From Kumbo to Tokyo, Many “Firsts” for the WiserLocal Program

Our WiserLocal Program Coordinator Laura gives us an update about the exciting developments that have been taking place within the WiserLocal program so far in 2013. By Laura Ross-Perry This past week marked a very successful “first” for the WiserLocal program. Members of the community in Kumbo, Cameroon, traveled upwards of 10 kilometers during the […]

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Published by JaneLee on 21 Mar 2013

WiserLocal Casentino: Co-Creating Change volunteer Carolina Oro shares her story about how she became a part of the network and how she was inspired to organize WiserLocal gatherings in her community.    By Carolina Oro When I first joined, I had no other expectations than to feel that I was part of a larger human community […]

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Published by Camilla on 19 Mar 2013 – the Social Network for Sustainability –
Surpasses 75,000 Members is celebrating an important milestone as it sees its community surpassing 75,000 members. This niche social network, which can be likened to a sort of green LinkedIn, has become a place for kinship-building among 10s of 1,000s of activists, social change organizations, and not-for-profits working on some of the planet’s most pressing issues. Members […]

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