Seven years ago, there was no way to find organizations from all over the world working on social justice and environmental change; the network changed that by bringing online the largest, editable global directory of not-for-profits that allows people from all over the world to share the incredible work happening around them.

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With nearly 115,000 listed not-for-profit and social change organizations based in almost every country of the world and information accessible in 8 different languages, visitors to are bound to find at least one organization near them working on creating positive change in the world. But it’s not enough!

Paul Hawken, founder of as well as leading environmentalist and speaker, believes that there may be more than 1 million organizations around the world working to restore justice and address environmental issues. Members of the network are appealing to the public to help complete the not-for-profit directory and be part of this global crowdsourcing project.

Being on the network is especially appealing to smaller not-for-profit organizations with fewer than 20 employees, since they often don’t have the resources that larger organizations have to develop their web presences. By appearing in the directory, it helps give a boost to organization’s ranking in Google’s search results by providing links from their listing page to their own website. It also helps them to find people who may be able to support their work either through donations or volunteering.

To share the work of your organization, or any organizations you know about that you think should be included in the directory, please visit the “Add an organization” page after creating a profile on the network. By doing this, you are helping others to find out about organizations working in their local area as well as helping to map out the global movement of change!

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