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Posted By Angus On March 11, 2009 @ 4:31 PM In | 5 Comments

We also welcome contributions from guest bloggers. Please contact Peggy [1] to share your ideas.

Peggy Duvette [2] is the Executive Director of Wiser.org [3] and the Natural Capital Institute (NCI). She has worked with NCI for six years, overseeing numerous projects including ResponsibleInvesting.org [4]. She holds an MBA with honors from San Francisco State University, and an MA in transport and logistics from Huddersfield, England. peggy@wiserearth.org [5]
Wibowo Sulistio [6], is the Outreach and Partnerships Director for Wiser.org based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He holds a BEng in Electrical Engineering from Kyushu University, Japan, through the support of a Japanese Ministry of Education Scholarship. His primary interest is in life-sustaining civilization design and you can read his blog on the subject here [7]. bowo@wiserearth.org [8]
Camilla Burg [9], Wiser.org Communication Director, worked in B2B marketing in the UK, Australia and France. Her experience in the non-profit sector includes market research projects for a sustainable business forum and a green business network. She holds an MBA with honors from San Francisco State University and an MA in French and psychology from Lancaster University, England. camilla@wiserearth.org [10]

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