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Published by Kerry on 08 Dec 2010

How to hack your social media strategy


A few weeks ago, John Kenyon, social media guru, shared with us an arsenal of tips on how to improve our communication channels. We’d like to share a few key points and recommend him for any organization looking to ‘hack their strategy’. › Continue reading…

Published by Peggy on 01 Dec 2010

WiserEarth welcomes Jumo.


You may have already heard about the official launch of Jumo, the latest project of Facebook’s co-founder, Chris Hughes, which aims to “connect individuals and organizations who want to change the world.” To hear of a high-profile figure from the digital world launching a platform with such a mission is a breath of fresh air. › Continue reading…

Published by Peggy on 09 Apr 2010

The Networked Nonprofit at NTC, Atlanta

The Networked Nonprofit

Social media is one powerful tool in the arsenal of the nonprofit. My second day at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) led me to a valuable panel by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine, based off their upcoming book, The Networked Nonprofit › Continue reading….

Published by Kerry on 14 Mar 2010

TechSoup at SXSW: Mobile apps for good


We checked out Rachel Weidinger’s panel at SXSW, amusingly titled ‘Handheld Awesome Detectors: World-changing Mobile Apps.’ It captured the pulse of all SXSW can be: cutting-edge tech coupled with conscience. Read on if you missed it! › Continue reading…

Published by Angus on 22 Feb 2010

Create while you Collaborate

Eugene Eric Kim

Eugene Kim of Blue Oxen Associates, and a WiserEarth advisor, shares his thoughts on the real difference between Online and Face-to-face collaboration. It all comes down to ‘artifacts’ – those being the objects that you create to record and conduct your interaction. › Continue reading…

Published by Kerry on 07 Oct 2009

World Pulse: Training women from the Global South for Web 2.0

WorldPulse Logo

Jennifer Ruwart, Global Program Director of WorldPulse recently sat down with us to talk about her new program Voices of our Future. Together with the Press Institute, the OpEd Project, and the Empowerment Institute, Jennifer is creating a network of 30 emerging leaders who will harness the power of web 2.0 to broadcast social change news from the frontlines of some of the most forgotten communities in the world. › Continue reading…

Published by Angus on 06 Oct 2009

Six reasons to use embeddable media

Maybe you should be making better use of web services like YouTube, Slideshare, and Flickr. Here we share what makes these services so valuable as a complement to your own web publishing efforts, be they a website or a blog, and how they will enhance your social media efforts. › Continue reading…

Published by Kerry on 05 Oct 2009

Catalytic Communities: from Rio to realization of a global network

CatComm Logo

When Theresa Williamson, Executive Director of Catalytic Communities, was searching for a place to build her online community, she turned to WiserEarth. Now with three free WiserEarth Groups (Portuguese, Spanish and English) that work alongside CatComm’s own website, the organization can direct more of its energy on helping Brazilian favela communities. › Continue reading…

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