As you sit at your computer and read up on news and blogs, do you secretly imagine being a tipping point?  Now’s your chance. Help support WiserEarth with a donation of just $10 or more, and you may just be the person that helps a changemaker make a crucial connection.

More connections mean less waste

Many of us live in a culture of disposable items: throwaway containers, packaging, sanitation.  At WiserEarth, we believe in eliminating waste. That also means not throwing away human energy.

For example, if an organization is working diligently towards fishery protection, it might help them to know that a guide has already been assembled by The Nature Conservancy around Private Marine Conservation Agreements, and can be located along with many other related solutions on WiserEarth. They won’t need to start from scratch but build off existing experience. Can you help us help them?

One lunch, or one step for good?

We know that lunch doesn’t cost the same everywhere. In California, a lunch out could cost much more than $10. In another part of the world, it may cost much less. What if you gave the cost of one lunch in your country? How much further could WiserEarth go to connect the sustainable movement?

Every step brings us closer to unifying our actions for good. We entered a challenge to raise $10,000 in 4 weeks with 500 donors. With your support, help us help organizations intensify their impact, amplify your own and rescue this place we call home!

Make a donation today

A step beyond

Feel like doing more, but don’t know where to start? Consider entering our WiserCatalyst Competition (and win great prizes to boot!) or becoming a visionary WiserEarth Sustainer!

Thank you sincerely for your support. We couldn’t do this work without you.

Peggy Duvette
Executive Director

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